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Culebra's Beaches

Culebra has wonderful beaches. They are pure, white sand beaches that go on forever. The most accessible ones are Flamenco and Zoni. Both are on the north shore and have protective reefs, which keep the major wave action away. 

Flamenco is a bay as well as a beach with a fairly complete reef protecting the over mile and a half of spectacular beach from erosion. It is located at the northwest end of the island out past the airport. There are few palms to shade yourself on the beach, but when the sun does get to be too much, there are many shady areas in the Sea Grape trees which line the last mile of beach in which to cool off and have a bite to eat. There are also grills in many of these sites and showers and bathrooms throughout the off-beach areas to rinse out the salt. Flamenco Beach even has a small restaurant and a few food kiosks, if you forgot your lunch or beverage.

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Playa Zoni is out past the north side of Dewey heading east past the airport on a scenic drive past many interesting sites, one of which is the islands museum. On your final approach to Zoni you come over a hill and it is stretched out below you with the obvious protection of a couple of not so small islands beyond and St. Thomas beyond them. The vista is remarkable. The parking at Zoni is much more informal at Zoni. There are no services there as there were at Flamenco, but like Flamenco the wave action is fairly gentle and the beach goes on and on. There are some areas where you can escape from the sun here, but far less than at Flamenco. It is much more of a sun worshippers beach. 

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There was one other beach that I happened upon on the southeastern shore called Soldado. There is a collection of cottages which line the beach, but the small bay is beautiful and the area was deserted the day I was there. 

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The other beaches are more for the very hardy hiker and during much of the year are off-limits as turtle-nesting areas.  
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